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Our GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEM distribution points can be found on two continents, with successful installations in North America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand/Australia.

If you are a firm committed to developing a new market, we want to help you. Our experience and relationships with shipping and tariff brokers helps mitigate complex trade barriers in an affordable and efficient manner.

Our “in-house” marketing team is available to international companies that operate in areas where both vinyl sundeck and aluminum railing markets are underdeveloped. We offer advertising material in template form that can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of any global market. These templates can also be translated into virtually any language.

At GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS we have seen great success in a diverse range of geographical locations, and enjoy the challenge of developing more successful partnerships with our customers.

We welcome all inquiries and will be happy to assist you in English or French over the phone, as well as Spanish via email.

Please send us a distribution inquiry if you are interested.

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