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Will vinyl decking survive cold winters and hot summers?

Living in an area with extreme weather can damage traditional decking materials, such as cedar and treated lumber. Q: How do DEC-K-ING Vinyl Decks withstand areas with high U.V.? Ultra Violet rays can be extremely destructive to exterior products. That’s why DEC-K-ING Vinyl Sundeck Membranes are manufactured to withstand the harmful effects of the sun. […]

Choosing a cool roof in hot climates.

Q: I live in a hot climate and prefer a roof that keeps my building cool in the summer. The cost of cooling buildings in hot climates can cost companies thousands of dollars a year. A major source of heat retention for a building is the roof. Traditional roof systems often inadvertently collect, instead of […]

mm April 4, 2016 Questions, Roofs

We need easy access to our roof.

Q: I need easy and frequent access to my roof for maintenance and mechanical. The rooftop of buildings in industrial settings can experience very different challenges from a typical commercial roof, which may only see foot traffic from a maintenance crew on a monthly basis. The roof space for industry often requires weekly or daily […]

mm April 4, 2016 Questions, Roofs

I need a patio surface that won’t break down with lots of foot traffic.

High-traffic rooftop walkways, commercial outdoor space and common areas for buildings get a lot of wear-and-tear. Selecting the right material is especially important. Q: I have high-traffic common areas, I need a patio surface that won’t break down with lots of foot traffic. We understand your need for a safe, reliable and durable rooftop patio […]