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How often should you
replace your decking?

Colours and trends constantly change, but a beautiful outdoor living space is always in style. Q: How often will I need to change or update my Vinyl Decking? Your DEC-K-ING vinyl sundeck will last you 15 years, or longer. A good vinyl membrane will not harden, crack, leak or rot. The biggest issue a DEC-K-ING […]

How to Clean your
Vinyl Sundeck

No one likes to clean – especially when the seasons change and your deck is left muddy or full of leaves. Q: Do I need to get my vinyl deck powerwashed? We have engineered our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes with mildew inhibitors, making them easier and more hands-free to clean than traditional vinyl. A simple detergent […]

Will vinyl decking survive cold winters and hot summers?

Living in an area with extreme weather can damage traditional decking materials, such as cedar and treated lumber. Q: How do DEC-K-ING Vinyl Decks withstand areas with high U.V.? Ultra Violet rays can be extremely destructive to exterior products. That’s why DEC-K-ING Vinyl Sundeck Membranes are manufactured to withstand the harmful effects of the sun. […]

Is vinyl decking easy to install?

Whether you have a contractor or choose to install your vinyl sun deck yourself, follow these simple guidelines to ensure a waterproof and long-lasting deck for years to come. Q: Is vinyl decking easy to install? Handy homeowners often purchase DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes and install it themselves. It’s really based on your comfort level. We […]

I’m looking for a maintenance-free decks, which should I buy?

Every investment into your home is an important one and that’s why it’s very important the material you select for your sun deck or sun patio lasts with minimal maintenance. Here’s my thoughts on which material will last the longest with no maintenance. Q: Which material is the most maintenance-free for my sun deck? DEC-K-ING […]

How do I protect my vinyl sundeck and patio?

As we get closer to summer I often get questions about the best way to protect my vinyl sundeck or patio. Hopefully this post gives you the answers and confidence to host plenty of BBQs on your new sundeck. Have a great summer! Q: MY SUNDECK GETS A LOT OF USE, WHAT ABOUT BBQ’S, PETS […]