An easily installed deck system.

DIY or Hire a Contractor

All of our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are easy to install. Handy homeowners often purchase our DEC-K-ING system and install it on their sundeck, balcony or vacation cabin themselves by following our installation guide. It really depends on your comfort level. However we generally recommend that you leave installations on new homes or decks over a living space to trained contractors.

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Installation Guide

Dec-K-Ing Basics

Whether you have a contractor or choose to install your vinyl deck yourself, these are the key steps in the DEC-K-ING installation process.

Please refer to our installation literature or video for the full procedure before attempting any installation. We also generally recommend that you leave all installs over a living space to trained contractors.

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Step 1: Prepare the Deck

  1. Ensure substrate is in good condition, clean and dry.
  2. Install deck edge flashing.
  3. Fill any surface imperfections with floor patch, sand smooth and clear off leftover debris.

Step 2: Get Sticky

  1. Lay out the vinyl and check for any imperfections or flaws.
  2. Apply our Latex adhesive to the deck surface. If using contact apply to both deck surface and the back of the vinyl.
  3. Lay the vinyl membrane on the adhesive, making sure to avoid air bubbles.
  4. Use a steel flooring roller to ensure a solid bond and to remove excess adhesive or trapped air.

Step 3: Fusings and Flashings

  1. With a hot air gun, fuse any seams together and the vinyl to any edge flashing or pre-manufactured details.

Step 4: Appreciate Your Work

  1. Inspect the vinyl to ensure it is fully adhered, and all seams are 100% fused.
  2. Enjoy your new deck!

If you have trouble or questions about our DEC-K-ING vinyl membrane installation, please contact us.

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