Our mission

A family of products and services committed
to improving the use of your home’s outdoor living space

Alana from the GLOBAL DEC-K-ING family

GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS is a family owned company in operation since 1978, known for innovation and quality throughout the deck industry. Now spanning two generations, our company has grown to become a world leader in outdoor solutions for decks and patios of all types.

One of the core philosophies of G.D.S. has always been heavy investment in research, development and design. After 30 years in the market we not only make bold claims towards our products’ superiority, but have the historical background to back it up.

Our products have weathered the cold winters of Northern Quebec, held up to the steamy summers of New Mexico and not succumbed to one of the world’s highest U.V. ratings in New Zealand. Distributing across four continents, GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS has proven itself in climatic extremes across the planet.

A system approach has always been undertaken to develop products. For deck surfaces to succeed they must face the wear from foot traffic and deck/patio furniture, withstand the natural elements and never fail as a waterproof barrier. Railings and other barriers must face other diverse challenges and be installed in a manner that doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the sundeck or patio.


A part time Fireman in the mid to late 1970’s, Roland Houle found work on the side building sundecks and balconies. Noticing a lack of any good products that would last beyond a few short years, he researched across industries and began experimenting with outdoor PVC membranes. Officially incorporating in 1978, DEC-K-ING continuously improved their waterproof walkable products and expanded into railing and roof products. Today, the entire Houle family participates in the business; Roland’s wife Gloria, son Brendan and daughter Alana.
G.D.S. have successfully set up distribution points on four continents and have the necessary expertise and experience to help a committed firm develop a new market. Through our relationships with shipping and tariff brokers, complex trade barriers are easily overcome in an affordable and efficient manner. We welcome all inquiries and will be happy to assist you in English or French over the phone, as well as Korean and Spanish via email.

Our in-house marketing team is available to international companies that operate in areas where both vinyl sundeck and aluminum railing markets are under developed. Advertising material in template form can be customized to fit the unique needs in a global market and can be translated into virtually any language. We have enjoyed great success in a diverse range of geographical locations and enjoy the challenge of developing more successful partnerships with our customers.