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I’m looking for a maintenance-free decks, which should I buy?

Every investment into your home is an important one and that’s why it’s very important the material you select for your sun deck or sun patio lasts with minimal maintenance. Here’s my thoughts on which material will last the longest with no maintenance.

Q: Which material is the most maintenance-free for my sun deck?

DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are designed to last well beyond a decade and do not require maintenance. Keeping your deck clean should be your only concern. They vinyl is completely impermeable and will never leak, rot or breakdown because of weather or temperature.

As temperature increases or decreases, your vinyl deck will move with the substrate expanding or contracting as necessary. This is due to the multi-directional polyester scrim that makes up the middle layer of the deck membrane. It provides the strength to adjust to changing temperatures and conditions.

The top layer of the membrane is manufactured with salt and UV inhibitors. The salt inhibitors protect installs by the sea. In areas of colder climates, it also allows you to use salt to melt snow on your sundeck or DEC-K-ING walkway without damaging the vinyl.

The UV inhibitors have proven to be extremely successful over the last 3 + decades. Installations going back 20 years in New Zealand, where U.V. is a major issues, continue to last to this day. DEC-K-ING vinyl

The only maintenance a DEC-K-ING vinyl sundeck should require is cleaning whenever you feel it is necessary. Cleaning generally requires no more then a brush and simple detergent. Please see the maintain and install page for more information.

Hope that helps!

March 8, 2016 Questions, Sun Decks

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