Whether you have a contractor or choose to install your vinyl sun deck yourself, follow these simple guidelines to ensure a waterproof and long-lasting deck for years to come.

Q: Is vinyl decking easy to install?

Handy homeowners often purchase DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes and install it themselves. It’s really based on your comfort level.

We generally recommend to leave all installs over a living space to trained contractors, however sundecks and balconies on your house or at a vacation cabin can be installed yourself.

There are five simple steps to the DEC-K-ING installation process:

  • Fill any surface imperfections with floor patch and sand smooth
  • Install edge flashing
  • Ensure substrate is in good condition, clean and dry

  • Lay out the vinyl and check for any imperfections or flaws
  • Apply our Latex or Contact Adhesive to your deck surface
  • Lay the vinyl membrane on the adhesive, making to sure to avoid air bubbles

  • With a hot air gun, fuse any seams together and the vinyl to any edge flashing or pre-manufactured details

  • Inspect the vinyl to ensure it is fully adhered, and all seams are 100% fused
  • Enjoy your new patio!

I hope that helps. If you have trouble or more questions with your installation, please contact us.