Challenging Roof

Pre-Manufactured Roof Details for Challenging Installations

A roof waterproofing solution is only as good as its weakest part. There are many good roofing systems on the market, however what sets them apart is how they address the many fixtures, wall shapes and mechanical units attached to the building.

PVC is ideally suited for the vast array of challenges a roof can present. Details can be manufactured in-house, pre-shaped to whatever obstruction may occur, fitting tightly around and permanently fusing with the vinyl surface below to ensure water migration never occurs. In our 35 years in business, we have encountered most roof details and already have a solution. In the off-chance we don’t – we can fabricate a solution promptly.

more questions? Brendan explains how a DEC-K-ING roof will save you money.


The Perfect Choice for your next Roof project

  • Best-in-class products proven over 35 years of successful installs
  • Features a slip resistant embossed treatment for walkability, greater traction and overall safety
  • Manufactured with salt, mildew and UV Inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate

  • PVC coating on all pieces to ensure maintenance free products – yearly upkeep not required
  • 150% multi-directional expansion to easily accommodate quick changes in temperature
  • The best investment you will make in your building.