Convert your roof
into a rooftop patio

I have a flat area over living space and want to use it as patio space

Turn almost any flat rooftop space into a beautiful and useable rooftop patio by installing vinyl decking.

It’s easy with DEC-K-ING vinyl decking. It is a fully approved roof walking surface and helps transform any unused space into one your entire family can enjoy. It is also maintenance-free will be the best investment you will make in your house.

Have more questions? Brendan explains how your unused roof space is a great opportunity here


The Perfect Choice for your Rooftop Patio

  • Best-in-class products proven over 35 years of successful installs
  • Manufactured with salt, mildew and UV Inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate
  • PVC coating on all pieces to ensure maintenance free products – yearly upkeep not required

  • Features a slip resistant embossed treatment for greater traction in all weather and overall safety
  • 150% multi-directional expansion to easily accommodate quick changes in temperature
  • The best investment you will make in your house.