How Strong is a
Vinyl Sundeck?

My sundeck gets lots of use, what about BBQ’s and pets?

Unlike most other materials vinyl sundecks can resist even the harshest of wear and tear. There is no need to worry about any type of pedestrian traffic on your deck.   We were the first sundeck company to manufacture a reinforced vinyl meaning an additional sheet of vinyl laminated to the fabric. This method provides a stronger membrane and a superior seam when heat welded together.

Summertime BBQ’s are a great example. By all means use your BBQ on your deck providing this meets fire code in your area. IF the BBQ is on wheels there is no problem moving it from one area to another. A lot of people choose to keep their BBQ in a covered area and move it to a more open area when it’s time to cook. Coal BBQ’s and smokers are also fine provided the heat source is elevated a safe distance from the ground.

People often ask about their pets. Dogs and cats belong on your vinyl sundeck just as much as we do. There is no danger of a cat or dog ripping up the vinyl with their claws. Let them on your patio and join the fun. The same goes for women’s heels or stiletto’s. They will not damage the deck.

Remove the pain of maintenance from your life by choosing vinyl sundecks by GLOBAL DEC-K-ING for your next project. It has been installed on four continents and along with V-Kote Tek™ Ultimate Deck Waterproofing System, it is maintenance-free. It’s the best investment you will make to your outdoor living space.

Have more questions? Brendan explains just how well your vinyl deck will hold up to a busy BBQ season here


The Perfect Choice for your Sundeck

  • Best-in-class products proven over 35 years of successful installs
  • Manufactured with salt, mildew and UV Inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate
  • PVC coating on all pieces to ensure maintenance free products – yearly upkeep not required

  • Features a slip resistant embossed treatment for greater traction in all weather and overall safety
  • 150% multi-directional expansion to easily accommodate quick changes in temperature
  • The best investment you will make in your house.