How often does my Vinyl DEC-K-ING need to be replaced?

A good vinyl membrane will not harden, crack, leak or rot. The biggest issue a DEC-K-ING customer will encounter is the inevitable fading of the original colour or wanting an updated look! Your DEC-K-ING vinyl sundeck comes with a 15 year warranty when installed with our V-KOTE TEK waterproofing system.

In fact, we continuously encounter customers with decks that are 20 years or older that are still an effective waterproof barrier. Our products have been tested over 35 years to last the lifetime of your deck!

Have more questions? Brendan explains the benefits of a durable vinyl deck.


The Perfect Choice for your Sundeck

  • Best-in-class products proven over 35 years of successful installs
  • Manufactured with salt, mildew and UV Inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate
  • PVC coating on all pieces to ensure maintenance free products – yearly upkeep not required

  • Features a slip resistant embossed treatment for greater traction in all weather and overall safety
  • 150% multi-directional expansion to easily accommodate quick changes in temperature
  • The best investment you will make in your house.