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High traffic deserves a maintenance-free and durable flooring material

Project: Baltimore, Maryland (2015)

The client (*name) operated a successful sports bar in the Baltimore area. The venue included a high traffic outdoor area that included patio furniture along with a full service wet bar and television screens. The venue was two stories with a rooftop patio overtop the main bar. This required an approved roofing surface along with a product that could handle a large flow of pedestrian traffic. The original product was problematic because (state) and needed replacing. The client was also looking for a floor surface that could be easily cleaned and not appear run down after a short period of time.

Raaum Construction, Maryland based GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS distributor was contracted to provide a long lasting solution for (*clientname) needs. The top layer consisting of (X) was removed and fresh sheets of 5/8″ plywood was applied on top of the underlayer of (Y). DEC-K-ING Roofseal Sandy Pearl was chosen to replace the inefficient system that was not meeting the clients needs. The entire project took place during the cold non patio season and was completed in (x time).

The resulting work by Raaum Construction exceeded the expectations of (*name). The embossed surface allows for traction even when the floor may get wet. The surface is hosed down after busy evenings and scrubbed when necessary for a clean good looking finish. Although the DEC-K-ING membrane is functioning in full capacity as a roof, the sports bar is able to treat it in similar fashion to the indoor floor areas.

We would like to thank owner/manager (*name) for follow up meeting and allowing the use of pictures and project details for our webpage.




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