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Will vinyl decking survive cold winters and hot summers?

Living in an area with extreme weather can damage traditional decking materials, such as cedar and treated lumber.

Q: How do DEC-K-ING Vinyl Decks withstand areas with high U.V.?

Ultra Violet rays can be extremely destructive to exterior products. That’s why DEC-K-ING Vinyl Sundeck Membranes are manufactured to withstand the harmful effects of the sun. Our industry leading warranty fully covers any U.V. damage that could affect the waterproof integrity of our membranes.

New Zealand, in the southern hemisphere, is affected by high U.V. at a much greater rate than here in North America. In order to pass their stringent building code, we needed to submit samples from a townhouse project in New Mexico that was installed 10 years prior. The test concluded that after 10 years in direct New Mexico sun, DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes were suitable to meet the demands of their climate. We proudly stand by our products and if you have any concerns regarding U.V. or extended exposure to direct sunlight please contact us so we can put you at ease.


Q: How about areas that are exposed to extreme cold conditions?

DEC-K-ING membranes are engineered to handle an extreme range of weather.  Our customers in Alaska and Northern Quebec have experienced first hand the vinyl holding up to the extreme cold.  The vinyl will not crack or break down due to extreme cold temperatures.  In areas with great temperature fluctuations the vinyl will quickly expand or contract with the substrate, never breaking its bond to the surface or buckling.


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