Q: I need easy and frequent access to my roof for maintenance and mechanical.

The rooftop of buildings in industrial settings can experience very different challenges from a typical commercial roof, which may only see foot traffic from a maintenance crew on a monthly basis.

The roof space for industry often requires weekly or daily access. Too often a roof is used in a manner it is not designed for causing potential risk to workers, shortening expected lifespan of the roof and causing noticeable or unnoticeable leaks into the building.

DEC-K-ING industrial strength Roofcoat is the ideal product when your roof requires access for workplace activities. The strong 60 mil vinyl can handle the most extreme weather and will protect the roof for at least 20 years.

The product is embossed for traction and is designed for walkability. Work crews are free to walk the entire roof instead of having to follow designated ‘walking paths’. If the plant or building is located in a colder climate, plastic or aluminum snow shovels can be used to move/remove snow, and salt can be used over unsafe areas covered with ice for safer access.