Details and durability make all the difference in your renovation. Just like most of us forget how important selecting the right railing can be.

Q: Why should I choose aluminum railings over traditional products like wood or iron?

Powder coat aluminum has evolved to be one of the most used products in the railing industry. This is due to the many advantages it holds over the traditional products and systems.

Aluminum is both lightweight and strong. This makes for easier shipping and installation without compromising safety. RAIL-K-ING aluminum railings have passed strength and all other national testing standards in North America. Aluminum also does not rust like iron or rot like wood. Once installed you can count on a safe barrier to last decades. The powder coat finish is durable and last years longer then any traditional wet paint.

RAIL-K-ING is specifically engineered for easy installation. Most parts easily slide into one another and are secured with a simple tech screw. Panels can be cut to whatever length is necessary making for an easy fit every time. Glass railings are even easier.

RAIL-K-ING is a sleek contemporary railing system that will look great on your home for years to come.