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Since 1978, we have been manufacturing extremely durable patio, roofing and railing materials to provide homeowners and contractors with easy access to excellent, waterproof, maintenance-free products for their decking needs.

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Our products are world-renowned for their ability to withstand an extreme range of climates. Distributed globally, our DEC-K-ING and RAIL-K-ING products have successfully weathered the cold winters of Alaska, held up to the steamy summers of New Mexico and withstood the high UV ratings found in New Zealand.

When developing our products we have always taken a systemized approach. For a deck surface to succeed we believe that it must be able to hold up against the wear and tear caused by foot traffic and deck/patio furniture. It also needs to be able to withstand the natural elements and never fail as a waterproof barrier. While a railing (or other barrier) must be able to face a diverse series of other challenges, while being installed in a manner that doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of your sundeck or patio.

For 40 years we have been engineering products that successfully solve all of these challenges.

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Our Story

GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS was founded by Roland Houle in the mid-1970’s, when he found part time work building sundecks and balconies. Roland quickly noticed that there was a lack of durable and attractive deck products on the market, and decided to start experimenting with outdoor PVC membranes.

GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS was officially incorporated in 1978.

To this day we remain a family-run business, and are continuously working through research and development to improve our line of maintenance-free products for outdoor livings spaces.

Today, the entire Houle family participates in the business; Roland’s wife Gloria, son Brendan and daughter Alana.

*Global Decking's 3rd generation! Alana's daughter Maraya, shovelling the deck.
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