Commercial Patios

Convert commercial outdoor spaces and common areas into durable outdoor patios with our DEC-K-ING vinyl membrane.

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Safe, reliable and durable patio surface

Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are engineered for high traffic areas – providing you with a safe, reliable and durable patio surface that won’t require costly maintenance or updates. Uses include outdoor restaurants, commercial walkways, public space in government buildings, courtyards and University common space.

Engineered To Last

Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are engineered to handle large volumes of pedestrian traffic without wearing out or getting damaged. We maintain our industry leading 15 year warranty even for commercial use.

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Decks used for commercial use often see lots of pedestrian traffic and need to be cleaned more often. Our DEC-K-ING membranes are easy to clean with a hose, bristle broom and light detergent or non-industrial pressure washer.

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The Perfect Commercial Patio

DEC-K-ING Commercial Patios

Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membrane provides you with an approved walkable surface that is engineered to handle high use areas. In fact, site visits on installs in high traffic areas, going back 20 years, have shown that our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are still intact with only minor expected wear.


  • Best-in-class product proven with over 40 years of successful installs.
  • Manufactured with salt, mildew and UV inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate.
  • Features a slip-resistant embossed treatment for greater traction in all weather to increase overall safety.
  • 150% multi-directional expansion to easily accommodate quick changes in temperature.


Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are the best choice for outdoor commercial use. Examples of use include:

  • Rooftop common areas of buildings
  • Shared rooftop space for office and government buildings
  • Above ground commercial walkways for adjoining buildings

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