Vinyl Membrane

Manufactured to last.

Spend Time Enjoying, Not Maintaining Your Deck

Keeping your deck clean should be your only concern. All of our DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are designed to last well beyond a decade and require zero maintenance – leaving you with more time to enjoy your rooftop patio or sundeck.

Completely impermeable, your vinyl deck will never leak, rot or breakdown as a result of weather or temperature. Once installed, your deck will look great no matter the season.


Manufactured with Roofseal 60 mil vinyl to ensure durability with extreme use.


PVC coating on all pieces to ensure maintenance-free products – yearly upkeep not required.

Slip Resistant

Features a slip-resistant embossed treatment for greater traction in all weather.


Multi-Directional Expansion

Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membrane provides the strength to adjust to changing temperatures and conditions. As temperature increases or decreases, our vinyl decking will move with the substrate (expanding or contracting as needed) thanks to the multi-directional polyester scrim that makes up the middle layer of the membrane.

Built-In Salt Inhibitors

The top layer of our vinyl membrane is manufactured with salt inhibitors. Our salt inhibitors protect installs by the sea. While in areas of colder climates, it also allows you to use salt to melt snow on your sundeck or DEC-K-ING walkway without damaging the vinyl.

UV Protection

Our UV inhibitors have proven to be extremely successful over the last 3+ decades. Installations going back 20 years in New Zealand, where UV is a major issues, continue to last to this day.

In fact, testing company, Branz Appraisal NZ acquired a piece of our vinyl used on a New Mexico job 10 years after installation to prove that our vinyl won’t breakdown in high UV environments.

Engineered For Strength

Our DEC-K-ING vinyl membrane is an approved walkable surface, extremely strong and engineered to handle high use areas. Site visits on installs in high traffic areas, going back 20 years, have proven that our vinyl membranes hold up extremely well with only minor expected wear.

In fact, the Student Union Rooftop Patio at UC Davis, used by thousands of students daily and installed in 2005, still looks great.


A roll six feet wide made up of 3 layers to protect your outdoor living space

Click on the images to learn how each layer contributes to a long lasting waterproofing system.


More Benefits Of Vinyl Decking

Resistance to Salt

During the manufacturing process salt and mildew inhibitors are added to the vinyl membrane. Installations near the ocean are completely safe as the salt will not break down the vinyl. In colder climates salt can be used to melt snow and ice on your sundeck or DEC-K-ING walkway.

Fire Ratings

DEC-KING membranes meet both class A & C fire ratings making them a good choice in areas prone to fires.

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